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Deep Hydration - ROYAL Revitalize Ritual

Befitting a queen, your personalized Ritual turns self-care into a daily delight. Luxuriate in cravable textures that cloak and caress the skin. See and feel signs of vitality as each sensorial treat delivers targeted nourishment, amplified by ROYAL’s exclusive technology.

Begin with Gentle Cleansing Milk, a rich, nourishing liquid that whisks away all traces of impurities to prepare skin for treatment. Botanicals hydrate and soften skin as vitamin C provides a brightening boost.

Next, activate the restorative process with the velvet crème Longevity formula. Royal Jelly RJx carries concentrated revitalizing power deep into skin, while Manuka honey infuses lavish hydration. 

A weightless shield, Solar Protection Fluid completes the Ritual, sealing in nutrients while deflecting damage from UV rays, pollution and other environmental stressors.